Sky Codes.

As of July 2010 we are building a data base of the sky codes.

If your TV is not listed we don't make a copy remote for it so won't know the sky code.

Only some common brands (LG/Samsung/Toshiba/Sony etc) and older tube sets have sky codes, some 20-30% of LCD TVs don't have a sky code yet. Maybe later revisions of the sky remote will have them added. The data is based on REV 8. If you have an older sky remote the code might not work. Older REV4 etc may use three digit codes, enter the last 3 digits:  if code is 0207 (lg) enter 207 instead.

Press TV on the sky remote, hold Select and red down together until the red led flashes twice, enter the code. It will flash twice if it accepts it.

Please do not get upset if we do not respond to emails concerning sky codes, we are not funded by sky. We will not be able to provide any telephone support in relation to sky remotes. We only support our copy remotes and our multi-remotes.


Multi remote - Control up to 3 items in one remote.

sanliyi - 3 in 1 Remote control

We can now offer a very good Two in one remote. Simple to control your TV & Sky.

12.99 for 2 in 1       Free postage.

Great for those that can't change the volume on the sky remote, if you have spent ages trying numerous sky codes to no avail, this can be the answer. It will control the sky/sky+ box and your TV fully. You won't have to put a sky code in, just select your TV and we will make the remote ready to go for you.


Panasonic, Sony, Pioneer DVD "Hack" remotes.

All Regions

Ironically the cheaper dvd players can be made multi-region with simple remote commands sent from the remote that was supplied with the unit. Or they were already capable of playing discs from all regions straight out of the box. However, this is not the case for the more expensive Sony, Panasonic and pioneer units. Although you can send special commands from a palm-pilot or magic remote it is a difficult procedure. We have made a remote that sends all the commands in one simple key press. Such "chipped" remotes have been around for a good while but were usually one use only, rented and always expensive. Ours are only9.99 and can also be used as a spare remote too as they have the standard play, pause, stop and menu functions on them as well. You can make up to 8 dvd players multi-region with this one remote.