Select your TV and we will make a fully customised remote just for you that will work on sky and your tv.

We already sell dedicated remotes for all the TVs listed so you can be assured that it will work well.No Sky Code needed. This will work on those TVs where these is not a sky code avialable.

No setup required - just put two AA batteries in and it is ready to use.

£12.99 Inc Postage and Packing (WorldWide) Full TV control and Volume, Mute and AV whilst in Sky/Virgin box mode

First select sky, sky+ or Virgin V Box HD

(If your sky box can record programmes it is a plus+)

Standard Sky

sky standard remote picture

Sky+ / Sky+ HD

sky plus remote picture

Virgin v box hd

virgin v box hd remote picture

Can't find your model?


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Item Control Buttons.

TV Lights up Red, DTV lights up Green and DVD blue whenever your press a button so that you know at a glance what you are controlling.

Default Volume.

Where your dvd / freeview doesn't have volume control, this automatically sends signals to your TV without the need to switch the remote to TV mode.


High grade copy.

The quality of construction is without a doubt as good as any original remote.


Long Battery Life.

As there is no LCD display the batteries last a very long time. (some USB universals use 4 batteries every month.) This uses 2 standard AA.


Q. Is this a universal remote?

A: No we write some 700 lines of computer code specific for each model that the remote will work with. 


Q. Can I re-program it for another make/model of TV.

A. No. Once we flash the remote it is set for the your items even if you change the batteries. We will recycle / re-program it for you at a later stage if you need to.

Q. Do you have sky codes for my original sky remote.

A. We have a list of a lot of them here:  sky-codes


†On a very small number of TVs where two versions of the TV exist you will have to press 1234yellow in sequence. As the manufactures made 2 types of the same TV with the same model number printed on the back, this can't be avoided. One the few that this applies to a note will show when you select the TV.