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Made for your item. Not universal. No Setup - Just put your batteries in. Each one is flash programmed for your specific device whether it is a TV, DVD, Blu-ray or Projector.

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Same day despatch up to 3.45 pm. (We are based in the UK) You will receive it in 1-3 working days.

Its 2024 and we are still trading. Nearly 15 years now. Post sent daily.

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2024 06 26

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Surplus Nuts, Bolts, screws and power packs. square

12v power pack 5amp
  • 12 volts. 5 amp

  • Certified - originally designated for LCD tvs. UL/GS tested. (There are many low cost power packs available that have not had certification and carry electrocution / fire risk.)
  • Suitable for 59W Tvs, LED light strips or CCTV.
  • Uses standard 'kettle' lead. (not included)
  • Standard 2.1mm DC jackplug
  • You can run anything up to 5amp. So you can connect a 4.3amp device for example or 2.1amp. These are regulated so always 12 volts regardless.

£10.99 including postage and packing

Simply click either the paypal or nochex button to purchase. Sent 1st class post. In stock. Sent 1st class post from Bromyard, Herefordshire UK.

Panasonic, Sony, Pioneer DVD "Hack" Multi-Region Remote controls. square

All Regions

Ironically the cheaper dvd players can be made multi-region with simple remote commands sent from the remote that was supplied with the unit. Or they were already capable of playing discs from all regions straight out of the box. However, this is not the case for the more expensive Sony, Panasonic and pioneer units. Although you can send special commands from a palm-pilot or magic remote it is a difficult procedure. We have made a remote that sends all the commands in one simple key press. Such "chipped" remotes have been around for a good while but were usually one use only, rented and always expensive. Ours are only £9.99 and can also be used as a spare remote too as they have the standard play, pause, stop and menu functions on them as well. You can make up to 8 dvd players multi-region with this one remote.

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Remote control

As with many products on the market today, most of the manual work is done in China. We import all the cases and circuit boards from Changzhou in the Jiangsu province. The chips are made in Thailand and are akin to mini computers in their own right. Far more actually goes on in what seems like a simple remote control that you might think. The chips account for about 1/3rd of the total cost but their superior quality provide a fair degree of flexibility and much greater reliability. We have done all the design and development work here in the UK and program and assemble them in Herefordshire. After 3 years of development we have created the systems to enable us to produce a remote for a new device very quickly, sometimes the same day. Helpful considering that new TV / DVD models come and go in the space of a few months. In years gone by a television set may have been on the market in the same form for years on end.

When you spend money on a remote control from us where does it go? Unsurprisingly the UK government get the largest share by far. The value does not include business rates nor employers tax. For each £1 earned £3 is paid in tax. Labour in the UK accounts for significantly more than in China. The bulk of the materials spend is outside of the UK, but is small compared with software development costs. Postal costs have more than doubled in the five years that we have been sending out items. We have enjoyed some of the cheapest postal rates in the world for a long time, but not any more. 'Other' includes overheads, paypal/visa/nochex card charges, ebay, amazon, ebid and web hosting fees and gross profit.

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Replacement remote controls for brands from acer to yamaha