Step 1:  Make sure hack remote is working. Press Power to see if it turns machine on and off.  If it doesn't see below.


Click the picture if you have the charcoal coloured one:
Ensure Timer Record is off
Remove the dvds
Close the Draw and leave powered on.
Hold down Yellow for 3 secs then when you let go it sends the commands, keep pointed at machine for 20 seconds.
The remote hack works best if you are not too close 3 foot away is ideal.
You'll will usually see it go 6 then 1 then shutdown and then it should say 'hello' or start up when done. It may not show the 6,1 on the screen on the older models or on the home theatre ones. They may just flash on the LCD screen instead.
Freeview / VCR Combi / HDD machines

If you have one with hard disc, freeview or vcr do this instead:

Use the Eject on this remote Hold the Stop to open draw. Now press play - as soon as the draw closes hold the yellow for 2-3 seconds then let go. Keep pointed at the machine though for 15 seconds. The idea is to catch it in dvd mode.



Extra Info  
Lcd says "Remote DV D2". or "DVD2" shows when you press any button.


Go into the menu with the original remote and change the remote frequency to D1:


Setting up the original remote control

If you are using another Panasonic unit at the same location, change the setting of

the remote control so that you can operate the units independently of each other.


  •  Press FUNCTIONS.

  •  Select [To Others] with and confirm with ENTER.

  •  Select [Setup] with and confirm with ENTER.

  •  Select [Others] with , [Remote Control] and confirm with ENTER.

  •  Select [DVD 1] with and confirm with ENTER.

On the original remote press ENTER and press the number key 1 simultaneously for at least 2 seconds.


Timer Record You may have to switch Timer record off when you want to play a Region 1 disc.
DMR-EX75 Some older machines do not automatically switch from PAL to NTSC. Hold Stop & Eject down together for 5 seconds to swap from NTSC to Pal and vice versa.
De-Hack Hold D/U to unhack machine if desired. This is never necessary just there in case someone wants to restore to factory condition.
Hacks Done Your remote starts with 8. So you can hack 8 different machines in theory. If you want to see how many left you can put a cd in press HD. If it jumps to say track 3 you have 3 left. If it jumps to 6 you have 6 left. Usually if you try and hack the machine but all are used up it simply ejects the draw .
Picture Black and white: Simply go into the menu and change the line one output to RGB. One way or another a setting in the menu will rectify this for sure. Try on another TV as a last resort.